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JSB Center for Language Studies 

Student Voices!

"The [Group Lessons] had me having multiple moments of inspiration when I was able to see how much I was actually learning. The instructor, Gokita-sensei, led the class in a way to help ease me into learning the language while motivating me to push forward regardless of how intimidating it can be at times." -DD III

"It has always been a dream of mine to be able to speak and read Japanese, but only with the JSB language classes have I been able to stick with it long enough to make real progress. The teachers are so kind and helpful, and so good at making a really difficult language for English-speakers seem accessible and possible. What I thought would be a single class to pick up the basics has turned into four classes, and maybe even more beyond that. I'm excited to keep going and keep working hard!" -CF

"I felt like I was really making progress in a real tangible way." -CF



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