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JSB Center for Language Studies 

"Where you not only learn Japanese but are also part of a community"

Student Voices!

started taking classes with the Japan Society of Boston since the first classes started in 2019. These classes have not just given me an education – they have also given me a community. I have been introduced to wonderful friends through both language classes and the numerous events that the Japan Society puts on. 

By taking classes with the JSB, I was also introduced to many of their other events, such as the Language Room – which allowed me to practice my speaking and listening in more than just my classes. The classes have also further encouraged my interest in learning more about Japanese culture through their seminars, with topics on horror stories, Japanese businesses, and cultural expectations. My favorite classes of all, though, have got to be the Japanese cooking classes, which I have combined with my language studies to start reading Japanese cookbooks and blogs and make the recipes at home myself!

All in all, I highly recommend taking Japanese with the Japan Society of Boston. I have learned so much through a class than I could have ever taught myself, thanks to the motivation from my teachers and peers. I would recommend them to anybody, whether they are a beginner, have been working on the language for years, or have taken a break and are looking to pick it up again. Thank you, JSB, for helping me learn Japanese! 
- Grace B.

 JSB's language course provided exactly what I was looking for: something to provide much needed   structure to my variable attempts at self-study. The small class size and strong focus on class   participation made a single meeting per week feel like it provided the value of 2 or 3. The course had   no grades or homework. This places the burden of measuring one's progress on the student, but it   makes it easier to fit the course into a busy schedule, and allows it to synergize with existing self-   study methods rather than replace them.

 Between the language course and other JSB events, I have many opportunities to improve and then practice my language skills. I’m continually impressed by the welcoming atmosphere and enthusiasm everyone shares. - Scott K.


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