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Amateras Ramen

18 Dec 2020 1:20 PM | Anonymous

Amateras Ramen is a Japanese ramen restaurant in Downtown (112 South St, Boston, MA 02111). Currently, they have dine in, take out, and delivery options: Grubhub (delivery and pickup) and Seamless (delivery). Their menu has many options, ranging from pork and chicken tonkotsu and paitan broths, to vegetarian miso ramens. I purchased the Yuzu Shio Ramen, a light shio ramen with pork and chicken combination broth, delightfully topped off with Japanese Yuzu (柚子) citrus juice. The ramen itself came with chicken “chashu”, negi (ネギ/scallions), hourensou (ほうれん草/spinach), yudetamago (ゆで卵/boiled egg), menma (メンマ/fermented bamboo shoots), and wakame (ワカメ/seaweed).

This was a personal favorite of mine so far; yuzu is one of my favorite flavors, and the citrus really complemented the lighter shio ramen broth. The toppings were all choices I think went well with a more delicate broth, as none were overpowering, especially the choice of white meat chicken for the “chashu”. Amateras’ proximity to South Station was also great, since I now have a new go-to anytime I’m taking a train in or out of Boston!


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