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Ganko Ittetsu

08 Oct 2020 2:17 PM | Anonymous

Ganko Ittetsu is a Hokkaido Sapporo ramen style restaurant in Brookline (318 Harvard St). They serve Miso (味噌/fermented soybean paste), Shio (塩/salt), and Shoyu (醤油/soy sauce) ramens. Currently, their options are dine in and take out. I bought the Shio-Paitan ramen, with chashu (チャーシュー/braised pork belly), ma-yu (マー油/black garlic oil), and a soft boiled egg (味付け半熟卵). The ramen also comes with menma (メンマ/fermented bamboo shoots), hakusai (白菜/napa cabbage), negi (ネギ/green onions), corn(とうもろこし), and nori(海苔/roasted seaweed). The base soup that Ganko Ittetsu uses is a “double soup” of tonkotsu (豚骨/pork bone broth) and torigara (鶏ガラ/chicken broth), giving it a rich and savory taste.

As with the previous entry, Santouka Ramen, Ganko Ittetsu serves their takeout ramen option with the noodles and soup in separate containers; while this is great for being able to reheat the soup quickly, the noodles sadly clumped together for me due to the commute from the restaurant home. With that being said, this was the most affordable ramen so far in this diary, and you get a good value meal since it is very tasty. It doesn’t hurt that the Japanese market is right across the street if you want to get dessert and/or seconds!


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