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Oisa Ramen

14 Sep 2020 1:24 PM | Anonymous

Oisa Ramen is a 博多 (Hakata) style Ramen store in downtown boston, only a few blocks away from Faneuil Hall (1 3/4 Broad St, Boston, MA 02109). Currently, they have the options of takeout and build-your-own kits through UberEats (delivery and pickup), Grubhub (delivery and pickup), and Seamless (delivery).

I chose to purchase the Tonkotsu ramen, both because it is my favorite broth, as well as for continuity’s sake. Oisa also has a vegan Shoyu option, as well as a truffle Shoyu option. The ramen came with チャーシュー (chashu/braised pork belly), 味玉 (ajitama/seasoned soft boiled egg), 温泉卵 (onsen-tamago/hot spring egg), green onions, 高菜 (takana/pickled mustard greens), and 紅生姜(beni-shōga/pickled ginger); both takana and beni-shōga are a staple specific to ramen from Hakata.

The broth also contains a hefty amount of black garlic oil, which you can add your desired amount (so as much as they gave me). In all, for the $14 price tag, I feel like I got a tasty bowl with a good portion size, and plenty of toppings.


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