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Tongue twister frenzy

05 Dec 2020 2:04 PM | Anonymous

We had a great time at our exchange yesterday evening with lots of tongue twisters introduced.

To kick off things we started small with a few warm-up Japanese 早口言葉 (はやくちことば / hayakuchi kotoba). 手術中 (shujutsuchuu /しゅじゅつちゅう / in the middle of an operation (medical)) was the first. How is that? Try giving that a try out loud 10 times fast.

Building off of that we moved things up a notch with 治療室 (chiryoushitsu / ちりょうしつ / treatment room).

Putting it all together we have 集中治療室で手術中 (shuuchuu chiryoushitsu de shujutsuchuu / しゅうちゅうちりょうしつでしゅじゅつちゅう). 集中治療室 translates to intensive care unit. The full version gave even native Japanese speakers a tough time. 

Some other notable mentions:

きゅうきょくこうきゅうこうくうき (kyuukyoku koukyuu koukuuki)

まごがままごと (mago ga mamagoto)


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