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  • Landscapes and Prayers, By Marky Kauffmann

Landscapes and Prayers, By Marky Kauffmann

  • 15 Jan 2016
  • 11 Mar 2016
  • Griffin Museum of Photography, 67 Shore Rd, Winchester MA 01890

The Griffin Museum at Digital Silver Imaging

Landscapes and Prayers
Marky Kauffmann

January 15, 2016–March 11, 2016

Massachusetts-based photographer and educator Marky Kauffmann’s photographs are inspired by her love of nature and of the land.

In Landscapes and PrayersKauffmann’s images display a sense of peace, harmony and order, but also tension, destruction and chaos, as it exists in the natural world. “The story of these landscapes begins with my maternal grandmother, who studied the art of ikebana flower arranging while living in Japan at the end of World War II,” says Kauffmann. “As a child, I was completely captivated by my grandmother’s flower arrangements. Her use of line, shape, pattern, texture, color, symmetry and asymmetry seduced and mesmerized me. And so, as an adult, I became an arranger, too,” she says.


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