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Our Language Instructors

Yuki Gokita

Yuki Gokita was born and raised in Kyoto, Japan. After graduating from the conservatory in Tokyo with a major in Music Education, she came to Boston to study music. Since then, she has been a teacher at the Japanese Language School of Greater Boston in Medford for more than 30 years.  Currently, she is the Elementary Department Chair at the Japanese Language School of Greater Boston. She has also been working in the public school in Brookline since 2007 as a paraprofessional for the English Learners program. She likes music and sports, and she's a big Celtics fan!

Yoko Hotta

Yoko Hotta started her teaching career in Japan as an English teacher at both the high school and university level. She got her MA in TESOL at the University of San Francisco and her MA in Education in Melbourne, Australia. A current resident of Boston, Hotta-sensei is interested in language acquisition and passionate about global competence through language teaching.

Kaoru Minagawa

Kaoru Minagawa was born and raised in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture Japan. After graduating from Sophia University, she worked for the Japanese Airline Company ANA until she went to Moscow to study Russian at Moscow State University. She has lived in Russia, UK, New Zealand, and now America for 7 years. She taught Japanese at Towson University and currently teaches at the  Washington Japanese Language School in DC.

Fumi Cook

Fumi Cook was born in Akashi, Japan, but moved to Sendai during middle school due to her father’s work. She has a BA in English Literature from Tsuda University in Tokyo, and a Diploma in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language from the Institute of International Education in London. Before moving to the US, she taught Japanese Language for three years to international students who wanted to enter the higher educational institute at Kyoto Japanese Language Training Center within Kyoto Computer Gakuin. She speaks both Kansai-ben (western dialect) and Kanto dialect (Standard Japanese), and she loves ramen! 

Sanae Nagai

Sanae Nagai graduated from the University of Tsukuba with a BA in Japanese Language and Culture. She received her MA from the Department of Second Language Studies at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa. She has taught Japanese at all levels from K-12 to graduate school in the US (CT, HI, AZ, and CA,) China, and Japan. She believes that motivation, exposure, and practice are the keys to success in language learning and she promotes them through her lessons.

Jun Hogan

Jun Hogan graduated from Wako University in Tokyo, Japan, with a major in Psychology and Education. She has been teaching for the last 18 years at the Washington Japanese Language School for DC, Maryland and Virginia (DMV) and is currently the Chief Educator of the junior high and high school departments. She also teaches Japanese language and culture to local boys and girls.

Emiko Takai

Emiko Takai was born in Hokkaido and raised in Kanagawa, Japan. After graduating from Keio University, she worked for a local newspaper in Japan for a few years. She then attended the University at Buffalo in Buffalo, NY and obtained an MA in Political Science. She taught Japanese at several universities in the Rochester, NY area.  Nowadays, she teaches Japanese classes for adults in New Jersey.  She also has experience working as a translator/interpreter.

Keiko Arakawa

Keiko Arakawa is originally from Japan, where she earned her MA and completed a doctoral program of psychology without a degree at Nagoya University. She has worked as a lecturer at various Japanese colleges. After moving to the US, she worked in the neuroscience field as a teaching assistant, lab assistant, and a specialist in universities including Binghamton University, Case Western Reserve University, and University of Maryland Baltimore. 

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