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    • 01 Jul 2020
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    • 29 Jul 2020
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    We’re continuing to offer a series of theme-based Japanese online classes in July.  This is a great opportunity for people who would like to learn something about Japan while studying Japanese – or for those of you who aren’t ready to take a 12-week structured Japanese class but would like to try learning some Japanese.  Start with one or take all at $40 per class.

    “The Japanese Writing System: Not as Scary as It Seems”

    Another session added for those of you who missed it last month.  Have you ever wondered how the Japanese came up with three different types of characters?  Or, have you ever tried to study Japanese but gave up because the writing system seemed overwhelming?  This course will be perfect for you!  Learn the origin of the Japanese writing system and have fun at the same time!  Kanji is not so scary if you learn characters as symbols consisting of different parts. 

    Wednesday, July 1st at 7PM – Beginner

    “Kenji Miyazawa: A Look into the Japanese Fantasy World” 

    Kenji Miyazawa is one of Japan’s most renowned and loved authors, but unfortunately, he has not received such acclaim overseas. His stories and poems offer a wonderful view into the Japanese notion of nature and philosophies. Experience these worlds through the works of Kenji Miyazawa. 

    Wednesday, July 8th at 7PM – Beginner

    Wednesday, July 22nd at 7PM – Intermediate/Advanced

    “Current Events in Japanese”

    Do you want to take your Japanese to the next level?  Or are you looking for an opportunity to speak Japanese beyond casual conversations? Join us in reading news and discussing current events in Japanese. 

    Monday, July 13th at 7PM – Intermediate/Advanced

    “Not just Tokyo and Kyoto! Part 2: Discover Okinawa

    What are some good places to explore after you’ve been to Tokyo and Kyoto?  In this course, you’ll learn about interesting but not so well-known places in Japan.  The second one will be Okinawa. 

    Wednesday, July 15th at 7PM - Beginners

    Wednesday, July 29th at 7PM – Intermediate/Advanced

Japanese calligraphy 常用漢字 by Juho Tuomainen is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0


Online language classes will continue in the fall.  In person classes will resume  if situation allows.

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"Japanese calligraphy 常用漢字" by Juho Tuomainen is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0 

Registration is still open.

We are pleased to offer beginner’s, intermediate, and advanced Japanese courses in the fall of 2020 at the Japan Society of Boston.  Everyone is welcome whether you are interested in learning Japanese for business, study abroad, travel or just for fun.  The class will cover essential communication skills including speaking, vocabulary, grammar, and hiragana/ katakana.

Members enjoy a $50 discount with coupon code: SchoolMemberDiscount

 Beginner 1 TBD 6:30-8:00pm TBD

Start: September 2020

End: November 2020

 Beginner 2 TBD 6:30-8:00pm TBD

Start: September 2020

End: November 2020

 Intermediate TBD 6:30-8:00pm TBD

 Start: September 2020

End: November 2020

 Advanced TBD 6:30-8:00pm TBD

 Start: September 2020

End: November 2020

*For Information on private lessons, please email language@japansocietyboston.org*


- Tuition is payable by credit card on the registration website.

- Classes cancelled due to inclement weather and other emergency situations will be rescheduled after the 12-week session

- To receive membership tuition rate, students must be members at the time of registration. Please note that JSB membership fees paid at the time of registration are non-refundable. 

- Maximum class size is 15 students.

- Students must be at least 16 years old to be able to attend group classes. If you are younger than 16, we may be able to offer you private lessons.

- Student contact information will be shared with our instructors for teaching and emergency purposes.  


Completion of these courses does not grant equivalence of the Japan Language Proficiency Test or any other test of Japanese skill. Parties interested in taking a proficiency test should refer to https://www.aatj.org/jlpt-us.

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