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Japanese Theater Group "CALL" Makes Its Debut Outside Japan

The Japan Society of Boston helped bring the theater group CALL to Boston to make its American performance debut. The group, founded 23 years ago, consists of working Japanese mothers, 20 altogether. From November 6th to 10th the group conducted performances of their original play "Three Lucky Charms," an adaptation of a Japanese folktale written by Julia Yermakov. In Boston, CALL performed at the Buckingham Browne & Nichols Upper School, the Boys and Girls Club of Boston, Arlington public schools, and the Boston Japanese Language School. 

The play "Three Lucky Charms" was presented using colorful and humorous puppets, some standing over 3 feet in height. The voices for the puppets, as well as sound effects, were all produced in front of the audience, allowing the audience members to enjoy the raw emotions and expressions of the voice actors. Plus, audience members could get an inside glimpse into the voices and sound effects were produced. The play was accompanied by live keyboard music to help create the atmosphere of Japan. Throughout the show, audience members were invited to sing along with the characters and guided in chanting Japanese expressions. The Boston production also included a special prologue, introducing the Japanese folding fan and its use in traditional Japanese performance arts like kabuki.